From the specially made Gibson acoustic electric guitar played by Emmy Lou Harris to the signature models crafted for several other well-known singers and musicians, these instruments remain a great choice for all musical styles. Over the course of the last century musicians, singers and songwriters have used new Gibson guitars or a vintage Gibson acoustic guitar to perform live, record or just strum a few chords when home alone.

The new Keb’ Mo’ Bluesmaster model joins a range of traditional acoustic guitars and several quality choices in the Gibson electric guitar category. The options include: the Solid Mahogany Series dreadnought style with single cutaway; the Songwriter Deluxe with both a similar design to the Mahogany Series and a non-cutaway design. The J-185EC Blues King Electro Jumbo resembles the classic jumbo style but has a single cutaway for access to higher frets. The company also offers an acoustic/electric version of its popular J-200 model.

Players might choose the Songwriter Thinline from the Gibson guitar catalogue or select the sunburst appearance of the J-45 series. Other models that resemble a vintage Gibson guitar are the J-165 in a natural finish or sunburst and the J-185 Rosewood Modern Classic Jumbo. Don’t pass up the Historic Collection Hummingbird Dreadnought if you are looking for a top-shelf acoustic/electric instrument.

If signature models are your main interest the J160E John Lennon Peace Round Shoulder Dreadnought and the SJ200 Pete Townshend Jumbo are at the high end of the price range for the Gibson acoustic electric guitar.

No matter what specific model of guitar you Melamine Foam choose, chances are it will give you and your audiences listening pleasure with or without amplification and tone controls. Both a new guitar from the Kalamazoo company and a vintage Gibson acoustic guitar are constructed with care and the best materials, as the company continues its century-old tradition of excellence.


Dozens of people have purchased and consistently used a Gibson acoustic electric guitar then provided feedback on various features of their instrument. Nearly every report from players gives the Gibson acoustic/electric line very high marks. On the traditional 10-point scale, every model receives 9 or 10 points.

One factor may keep a vintage Gibson acoustic guitar or an acoustic/electric out of the hands of the amateur – price. New models in the Gibson acoustic electric guitar category range in price from $1,299 for the Solid Mahogany Series to $4,600 for the Pete Townshend J-200. But if you look at this as an investment, you won’t be disappointed.