There are also have added vitamin preparations,Medicinal cosmetics Articles sunscreen lotion, skin whitening preparations (tretinoin, hydroquinone, arbutin, Kojic acid, salicylic acid) fluoride-containing toothpaste and anti-dandruff shampoo, diaphoretic and so on, are classified as medicinal cosmetics list, their relevant specifications monitored by the relevant government units.

Experts believe that after medicinal cosmetics adding the drugs can play a role in preventing and treating some skin diseases. However, the drug is a “double-edged sword”, not only can cure diseases, but also exist side-effects inevitably, due to medicinal cosmetics certain medicinal ingredients, it cannot ignore the possible side-effects.

Cosmetics containing tretinoin and vitamin, although tretinoin is an acne wonder drug, can improve the skin and make the skin becomes glossy, but according to tretinoin manufacturer, tretinoin with strong irritation, many side effects, overdosage will show up skin hot, desquamation and other symptoms; cosmetics containing isopropyl 4-methyltransferase, could strongly stimulate the skin and have killing effect, accelerating skin aging. If long term use such cosmetics, will make your skin really is in a sterile state. Harmful bacteria and fungi will breed, flood on the skin. While killing pathogenic bacteria will also kill the bacteria on the skin, appear new infections.

If skin is easily allergy should select simple component, light smell skin care cosmetics. To the known allergic cosmetics, including similar products should avoid using. If necessary, can through skin patch test identified allergenic substances. Some cosmetics on the market, in addition to the necessary normal cosmetic raw materials, also add a variety of ingredients, such as vitamins, amino acids, anti-histamine agents, UV absorbers, astringent, diaphoretic prevention agents, stimulants and so on, what was this cosmetic a drug or skin care product? What is the main role of it? Which side should pay attention to when using?

First of all, medicinal cosmetics is not a drug, it’s just a kind of skin care products. The main role is to moisturize the skin and protect the skin, for some skin diseases can also play the role of adjuvant therapy, such as ngelica beauty cream. The angelica‚Äôs protein, amino acids and other nutrients have the effects of whitening the body skin, promoting skin health, slow the skin aging and so on, can achieve the objective of treating melasma, freckles, beauty. There are also some preparations formulated by baizhi, Bletilla striata, used to hydrate the skin, prevent skin rough, chapped.